BREAKFAST                  LUNCH                  DINNER


SRR's Little Shark Burger 

4 oz Angus Beef Patty.  Cheeseburger add 50 ¢



Chickens Don't Have Fingers

Two Jumbo Breaded White Meat Tenders with Your

Choice of Sauce




Frank N. Furter

Jumbo 1/4 lb All Beef Frank




Mac Attack!

S.R.R.'s Creamy Pasta & Cheese




Clam Up!

Yummy Clam Strips, Breaded and Fried.  Served with

Lemon, and Cocktail or Tartar Sauce!




That's Cheesy

Classic American Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Your

Choice of Bread




P.B.& J.

Creamy Peanut Butter with Grape Jelly on White or Wheat



All Kiddie Menu items are served with Potato Chips, French Fries, Sweet Fries, Cole Slaw, or Apple Sauce and a Small Soda Pop, Fruit Punch, Juice, or Milk



Ages 12 and Under Only Please. No Exceptions!


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